Top 3 Joint Supplements of 2022

The Best Joint Supplements Of 2022 – Our Top 3 Picks

Are you looking for the best joint supplement to fight joint stiffness & pain and enhance your life quality?

When we hear the word supplement, most of us think of protein powders or vitamins. There’s no doubt that these products could be beneficial to your lifestyle.

However, most people start caring for joint health supplements after problems start occurring in their life; such as chronic joint inflammation, pain, and loss of flexibility.

If you’ve got these problems and are looking for joint supplements with the best formulas on the market, you’ve come to the right place. We have talked to many experts and nutritionists to see what you should look for (regarding natural ingredients) when making a decision.

So, let’s jump onto the supplements we’ve chosen as the most effective and safest natural options that will help you protect your joints long-term.

1. Physio Flex Pro

2. Performance Lab Flex

3. ProJoint Plus

  • Superior formula with all natural ingredients

  • Potent at combating joint problems

  • Safe formula with well-dosed ingredients

  • Approved by the physiotherapists around the world

  • Provides long-term protection for the joints and the connective tissue

  • Substantially helps in treating joint disorders

  • Contains a high-quality formula with 6 patented ingredients

  • Fast recovery after exercising

  • Contains many beneficial ingredients for joint health

  • Effective at getting rid of stiffness, pain, and inflammation

  • Relatively affordable considering the value provided

  • Excellent customer reviews

What Are Joint Supplements and What Are Their Benefits?

Joint supplements contain ingredients that can improve ease of movement and increase joint protection. They are used by various people from different lifestyles and backgrounds – from young athletes and people working in the office to the older individuals wanting to support optimal joint health.

Every supplement is different, and its efficacy depends on the ingredients that are included in its formula. If the supplement uses scientifically-backed ingredients, then it’ll be worth checking out. On the other hand, if the product uses understudied compounds, then it’ll be a waste of your money and time. Also, the joint supplement of low quality can cause side effects.

The good news is, we’ve made all the research and only recommend what we think are the most effective and safe options for joint health currently available on the market.

The benefits of using a joint supplement include:

  • Reduction of aches and pains
  • Enhanced joint lubrication
  • Long-term joint protection
  • Cartilage repairment and protection
  • Treating the most common arthritis symptoms

Remember that each joint supplement will work differently for you. It all depends on which ingredients the supplement uses and its doses. For example, glucosamine offers many benefits to your joint health; from improving joint mobility and reducing pain to supporting healthy cartilage. So, you’ll experience these if the supplement you take uses glucosamine in optimal doses.

What are the Best Ingredients in Joint Supplements?

We look for 4 core ingredients in a high-quality joint supplement: Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, and Turmeric.

These ingredients are the most studied and clinically backed-up that you can find on the market to aid optimal joint function. Also, some of these are shown in many studies to work significantly well when combined together, for example, Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

When looking for the best joint health supplement on the internet, you’ll be able to notice quickly which companies have put the effort into the research and formulation of the supplement, and which companies use modest ingredient formulas.

Can You Experience Side Effects with Joint Supplements?

The short answer is, yes. But, that mainly happens if the supplement is not dosed correctly and if it uses bogus ingredients. Before taking a supplement for the first time, it’s always a smart idea to check out if it’s safe for you or not.

Luckily, most natural joint supplements on the market today contain safe ingredients in safe doses. Two of our favorite ingredients, chondroitin, and glucosamine aren’t shown to cause major side effects in clinical studies. These are some of the safest ingredients to consume.

When looking if the supplement is safe for you, the most important thing to check is if the ingredients in the formula are natural. If the formula is 100% natural with optimal doses, it will be very unlikely for you to experience any adverse reactions. On the other hand, drugs and various chemicals obtained from doubtful sources can cause side effects.

If the supplement you’re purchasing has passed the safety and quality criteria, you’ll easily know by checking if it’s made in cGMP and FDA-registered facilities.

We’ve analyzed many different joint supplements and checked out how they compare on the market and which offers the most value. The results of our research have allowed us to present to you the 3 best joint health supplements that are available right now.

The Best Joint Supplements in 2022

1. Physio Flex Pro

Physio Flex Pro Review

The number one joint supplement on our list is Physio Flex Pro created by the company SRS Nutra, a brand that’s been gaining a lot of attention.

Physio Flex Pro met all of our expectations when it comes to the ingredients that we are looking for in a joint supplement. These are Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, Glucosamine, BioPerine, and Turmeric. All of these are in the formula, alongside three other potent and natural ingredients – Selenium, Bromelain, and Ginger.

So, in total, there are 8 clinically backed and natural ingredients in Physio Flex Pro’s formula that all work together, guaranteeing that you receive what you pay for. It’s obvious that SRS Nutra does not save on production costs.

This supplement is also approved by many physiotherapists around the globe. One of them is respected Dr. Kavita, who specializes in orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. That said, you can be sure that Physio Flex Pro is a top deal.


  • Uses 8 natural ingredients proven to help combat joint stiffness and pain, repair cartilage, and improve mobility
  • Very potent at reducing joint inflammation
  • Safe ingredient formula with optimal doses
  • Produced in the USA, in FDA-approved and cGMP-registered facilities


Ingredients in Physio Flex Pro

Physio Flex Pro Ingredients

As we mentioned before, Physio Flex Pro uses 8 natural ingredients well-proven to help support your joint health. It has the best formula we’ve seen so far on the market. The ingredients are all of superior quality, well combined, all in optimal doses, and safe and effective to support joint health.

Physio Flex Pro also uses the most ingredients out of all the top joint health supplements we’ve ranked today.

Here are all the ingredients in the formula with more details provided about each of them:

  • Turmeric Extract: Has anti-inflammatory properties; contains high amounts of compounds called curcuminoids, with the most potent one called curcumin. It is proven to work wonderfully in alleviating joint inflammation and aches and increasing flexibility.
  • Glucosamine: A naturally occurring compound found in the body, shown in various clinical trials to reduce joint pain and stiffness and increase mobility.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate: Research shows that Chondroitin Sulfate works very well when combined with Glucosamine, providing major joint protection.
  • Bromelain: An anti-inflammatory enzyme found naturally in pineapples. It is proven to help protect cartilage as well as help with the digestion of other nutrients in the formula.
  • MSM: A sulfur-containing molecule shown to lower inflammation and increase joint mobility. It is a crucial ingredient for the repair of connective tissue, ensuring optimal health for your joints.
  • Ginger Extract: A powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, known to help combat joint stiffness and pain.
  • BioPerine (Black Pepper Fruit Extract): Works to enhance the absorption of other ingredients in the formula that are slowly absorbed by nature. This boosts Physio Flex Pro’s effectiveness drastically.
  • Selenium: Another antioxidant that works to protect your joint cartilage and reduce inflammation, alongside helping treat other arthritis symptoms.

You can read more about the ingredients on the official website.

Customer Reviews:

We haven’t found a single negative review of Physio Flex Pro online. Customers report that the supplement arrived on time and worked as claimed by providing support for their joint health, reducing pain, easing their range of motion, and improving their life quality overall.

As we mentioned before, Physio Flex Pro is recommended by Dr. Kavita, a physiotherapist specializing in musculoskeletal & orthopedic recovery.

However, as for the price of $2.06 per serving, it’s definitely not the cheapest product out there. But, if you’re able to afford it, it is absolutely worth it, as this is the supplement with the cleanest and most effective formula for joint health we’ve seen so far.

Interested in Physio Flex Pro?

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2. Performance Lab Flex

Performance Lab Flex Review

Performance Lab Flex is another superb joint supplement. While it is number two on our list, that doesn’t mean it’s inferior. In fact, Performance Lab Flex has one of the best-quality ingredient formulas we’ve seen in joint supplements. As for the production quality of this supplement, it is superior.

When it comes to benefits, Performance Lab Flex works to help you with the following:

  • Fast recovery after exercising
  • Flexibility improvement
  • Supporting joint health long-term
  • Lubricating connective tissue & shock absorption
  • Reducing joint inflammation and aches
  • Strengthening of tendons and ligaments


  • Provides long-term protection for connective tissue
  • 6 patented ingredients
  • Supports joint health & function
  • Shock & impact absorption
  • Save when buying in larger quantity


Ingredients in Performance Lab Flex

Each serving of Performance Lab Flex supplies you with 100% natural ingredients, all clinically tested and supported to increase joint flexibility, reduce chronic inflammation and pain, and protect joint function as you age. There are no fillers inside Performance Lab Flex’s formula.

These are the ingredients and their doses in Performance Lab Flex:

Performance Lab Flex Ingredients

In case the image didn’t load properly, here’s an ingredient list:

  • Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCI – 500 mg
  • AprèsFlex® Boswellia Serrata – 100 mg
  • OptiMSM® Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – 100mg
  • Mythocondro® Chondroitin Sulfate – 100mg
  • CurcuWIN® Curcumin – 250 mg
  • NutriGenesis® Strontium – 300 mcg

As you might have noticed, each ingredient in Performance Lab Flex is in its most potent and bioavailable version. The dosage of each ingredient is optimal, making it safe and effective. Also, everything is vegan, with prebiotic-infused capsules for better absorption and digestion.

It’s no surprise why the price of this product is slightly higher, considering many high-quality patented ingredients in the formula. We think Performance Lab Flex’s tested and pure formula with real benefits won’t leave you disappointed if you decide to try it.

Customer Reviews:

Performance Lab Flex, just like its competition on our list, has great reviews online. Many customers said that it helped them move more easily as well as reduce joint pain and stiffness, which tormented them for years before.

As for the side effects, we haven’t found any reports with Performance Lab Flex. We don’t think any adverse reactions will happen, and that is because the ingredient formula is of exceptional quality and uses optimal doses of its natural ingredients, making it completely safe and effective for joint health.

Interested in Performance Lab Flex?

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3. ProJoint Plus

ProJoint Plus Review

The third on our list is ProJoint Plus, a supplement containing some great ingredients that we’re looking for, which include MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, and turmeric.

It is recommended to take 3 capsules per day, or up to 6 capsules daily for the first two weeks for faster results. By taking ProJoint Plus as recommended, you should see a significant change in terms of joint health; it should help you relieve joint pain, inflammation, and other arthritis symptoms.

While it contains great ingredients, it’s important to look at their doses as well. ProJoint Plus contains a bit lower dosage of MSM than we would want at 25 mg per serving. In comparison, the number one supplement on our list uses 100 mg of MSM.

That said, ProJoint Plus is still better by far than most other joint supplements on the market. Also, it is the least expensive supplement on our list. The price of a 15-day supply bottle of ProJoint Plus is $29.95, while a 2-bottle option that lasts for 30 days stands at $52.95.


  • Some powerful ingredients for joint health in the formula
  • Helps in getting rid of joint inflammation & pain
  • Impressive customer reviews


  • 20 servings per container (less than a one-month supply)
  • Some ingredients are underdosed, mainly MSM

What Are The Ingredients in ProJoint Plus?

ProJoint Plus Ingredients

ProJoint Plus uses some great ingredients for a joint supplement. In case that picture didn’t load properly for you, the formula consists of:

  • Boswellia Extract (200mg)
  • Glucosamine Sulfate (1500mg)
  • Turmeric (150mg)
  • Chondroitin Sulfate (150mg)
  • Quercetin (25mg)
  • MSM (25mg)
  • Methionine (25mg)
  • Bromelain (25mg)

As we mentioned before, the doses of some ingredients such as MSM could have been higher, but most of ProJoint Plus’ ingredients come in optimal doses, making it safe and effective in treating arthritis symptoms. For the money, we definitely give this product a thumbs up.

You can learn more about ProJoint Plus’ ingredients on the official website.

Customer Reviews

All in all, ProJoint Plus has a solid formula, and most of the customers online are satisfied with its effectiveness. If you’re unable to afford the more expensive options on the list, ProJoint Plus will still provide you with a noticeable relief from joint pain and stiffness, as well as from other arthritis symptoms, for a lower price.

Interested in ProJoint Plus?

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Hopefully, our joint supplements guide has shown the importance of making the right decision in choosing a supplement.

Our best pick is Physio Flex Pro, offering clinically effective ingredients at optimal doses for the relief of arthritis symptoms. For the quality you get, the price is not bad at all, especially with great deals when you buy multiple bottles.

On our second spot is Performance Lab Flex, another great joint supplement. Due to quality, 100% natural patented ingredients, it gets a big thumbs up from us. Performance Lab Flex is more focused on people who exercise regularly and athletes to promote joint and cartilage protection and recovery.

And finally, on the third spot, there’s ProJoint Plus. It’s a great joint supplement and better by far than most products available on the market. For the price, it won’t leave you disappointed with its effectiveness. It should provide significant relief in terms of joint pain and stiffness.

There’s no doubt, you can’t go wrong with any of these products on the list. All of them will provide you with great value for money.

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